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Deep Tier Supply Chain Finance

Corporates pay for the high cost of capital incured by their suppliers at every stage in the value chain as part of their COGS. Transper helps corporates extend financing to every tier of their value chain, reducing cost while providing transparency, provenance, and liquidity where it matters the most.

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Supply Chain Finance

Businesses with low credit rating find it difficult to set up supplier financing and pay high costs for A/R Securitisation. Transper enables businesses to set up supplier financing and optimize working capital by connecting to and using liquidity from their customer's supplier financing.

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Project Finance

Projects face the risk of delays and cost overruns due to non-availability of funds at the right place at the right time causing cash flow problems. Transper enables project owners to track and influence the flow of payment obligations and liquidity in the supply chain and deliver projects on time and on cost.

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About Us

We are serial entrepreneurs and seasoned bankers. Not being paid on time was our biggest challenge. We started solving this problem and traced the payment trail back to the top of the pyramid and found that faster movement of money in the deep-tier supply chain can be profitable, not only for the bottom of the chain but for everyone.